Three girls by the names of Salma Abdelsalam, Razan Mostafa and Amina Shindy. All members, founders, and the media team at AIS’s own UNICEF club. The club serves the purpose of helping the students at AIS feel more involved in the community by helping raise money, awareness and learn about children’s rights in Egypt and around the globe. Today, the three of us ventured into the heart of Cairo in order to take raw footage of the crumbling environment and dangerous situations these kids grow up in.

After driving to several similar but distinct locations, we finally gathered enough footage in order to create a promotional video which is planned to be shown to the student body here at AIS in the upcoming week. Our plan with this particular video is to show people that we are here, we exist and we are ready to start fundraising in order to help the world’s children. Events featuring a different variety of children’s rights topics will be recognized such as the right to educate, child labor and human trafficking. The money raised will be sent to the UNICEF head quarters where it will be distributed under the watchful eyes of the United Nations in order to benefit as many children as possible.

Our club’s first event in school is starting up soon with the stop and study Coffee for a Cause day where we will be handing out free cups of coffee and hot chocolate during lunch and interval in order to get our name out there. We will also be putting out a donation box in the hopes of getting people to spare change as to start off UNICEF’s fundraising. Our members will be ready to pour the coffee for those who are willing to stop by our stand.

By Salma Abdelsalam