the average cost of uniforms around the world is $249 (greatergreatereducation.org ) Many people think that uniforms are not supposed to be mandatory to wear every time we go to school, and I strongly agree with those people. The school should not tell us what to wear and what not to wear, we’re not in a prison! Uniforms offer nothing in terms of education, ridiculously overpriced, and they are a major inconvenience. Uniforms should not be mandatory!

Tell me this; do uniforms have an impact on your thinking? If you say yes, then let me ask you this; How do uniforms help us in terms of educational purposes? They do nothing! So if uniforms don’t actually help us in what we’re trying to do, then why should we wear them? if they don’t help us with what we’re trying to do then we should not be obligated to wear it.

If they offer nothing educationally and basically have no benefits, then why should we pay an average of $249 every year?  According to occupytheory.org, ‘School uniforms are a financial burden to low-income families. The cost of school uniforms is prohibitive, especially when a family has more them one school aged child.’ (occupytheory.org ) It’s a ridiculous price to pay for a piece of clothing that won’t benefit you. Imagine this, your parents barely afford the school fee, and they work daily to pay for that fee, why is it mandatory for them to pay $249 extra? It seems like its much easier to just wear our regular clothes and not make our parents work their butts off even more to pay for something this meaningless.

According to occupytheory.org, ‘Uniforms can decrease the child’s comfort level and attentiveness while attending lessons.’ (occupytheory.org) I am a very very big guy, and uniforms don’t fit me, I should not feel obligated to wear something that doesn’t fit me, and is very uncomfortable. I had to spend a day going somewhere in Egypt I’ve never been to before just to get some school shorts that are my size, it’s a very annoying and inconvenient process that takes too long and can be easily fixed just by removing the rule that there has to be a uniform.

Some might argue that uniforms bring balance and discipline to schools, and I say to those people; would you rather have every person feel uncomfortable but wear the same thing or would you rather have them wear regular clothes that they feel comfortable wearing and are not bothered about something uncomfortable for the whole day? It simple, the negatives outweigh the positives.

In conclusion, uniforms are too irrelevant for them to be mandatory in schools, they are ridiculously overpriced for a piece of clothing that isn’t even comfortable for most students, and is just an inconvenience to get clothes that fit you if you are big. I just don’t like the way schools ridiculously force us to wear clothes that we hate for reasons that are very irrelevant. I encourage you to tell your principle that uniforms are bad so that school would become a better place.

By Mohamed Orban