Birthdays are a day where you celebrate life and love the people who surround you. Birthdays are events where a person recognizes how old they are getting either in a good or bad way. It is also a time where you get to spend time with people who love you and like to spend time with you in a very special.This day is when a person recognizes when they were first brought into this world. A birthday represents how one has survived in this world. It is a day to celebrate your strength and determination to continue this chaotic world. Birthdays are an excuse to do whatever you would like to do. You can go wherever you want and just have fun. It is a day where you deserve to be treated. Taking a day to do what you want, even do nothing and relax, is just as perfect as going off to do something. You even buy a little gift. it is also an excellent opportunity for kids to socialize with their little friends and make exciting memories that will carry forward throughout a child’s entire life. This day is the best excuse to get all the presents you want; where you can make a gift list and hope a person gives you whatever you want. It is good to be thankful for what you have in life and what you have accomplished. But open your eyes to the larger picture. If we are to appreciate the fruits of life, we must first appreciate the tree that bears the fruit: birth itself. Birth is your beginning. It is a window to the chance of a lifetime.A birthday is a momentous occasion, to be commemorated just as an organization celebrates its founding. Still, it is much more than an occasion to receive gifts. It is a chance to remember the day that a major event occurred, to celebrate and give thanks and to reflect upon how well we are fulfilling our calling.

By Camila Labrosse