As humans, we all share one, single, combined trait: fear. It is the fear of the unknown. We are not scared of heights, but scared of the fall. We’re not scared of the dark, but of what’s hidden in it. We are scared because we are unable to determine what will happen. We fear the unknown and we fear failure. As homosapians, we possess the need to be in control of everything, and therefore fear the fact that we cannot possibly know what the future has to offer. This fear is known as Xenophobia. It is a fear that almost every single human displays, and is a fear that often stops us from achieving our dreams.

Nonetheless, according to a very wise man, “Many times, the thought of fear itself is greater than what it is we fear.” Therefore, it is important to know that although we fear the unknown, it is worth overcoming. When taking risks, we open doors. By trying new things, we make new opportunities. For instance, if one is scared to try potatoes, as they are strange and unknown to him, he might never find out that they are actually his favorite food. Conclusively, living your life in fear will only keep you locked up. You will be like a bird inside a cage, scared to fly. You should live your life striving to achieve new experiences. Live life to the fullest! Try everything, even if it’s terrifying, and when you are on your deathbed, you will be able to say “I did it all.” At that moment, you will know that you have no regrets, for you’ve owned every moment that this life could give. And even if you do regret, it is better to regret than to live your life constantly asking what if.

By Jumana Mohamed