Colors speak a hundred thousand thoughts

and create a story of peace and anger.

They make up this magnum opus;

one great work.

Free of prejudice, restrictions, limitations.

A free mind expressed past the realm of reason and convention,

through colors.

Colors that are bright like the day,

dark like nightfall.

Colors that are quiet like murmurs of a funeral,

loud like kids in a ball pit.

It is blood, the amethyst gem, the clouds, and fire.

It is the sun, the sky, the golden green hues of nature.

Colors comfort and bring peace,




Colors scream and whisper sounds of terror and of unity.

The serenity is a puzzle to the mind.

It challenges us to think further,

further into our minds where colors dance.

Colors dance in a world of its own

that is filled with authenticity and realism;

thus the truest form of artistry

is executed.

The choice of color an individual chooses builds their character

to something of an eccentric.

The euphoric thoughts and kaleidoscopic introspection

of an individual

illustrates a creation that dives into the depths of one’s own pool of emotions.

In the twilight state where colors are spread, it is there where beauty lies.

Colors are passion, free will, and comfort.

Colors are God’s gift given to us as a savior.

The holy grail of the colors given,

is to express,

and to express.

This magnum opus renders me speechless and leaves me in awe

of the power of colors,

it keeps me dazed

and struck

with wonder.


By Farida Hamza