Nonviolence is a compelling philosophy that preaches the use of peaceful actions to bring about social change while simultaneously rejecting the use of all violence. There are numerous integrated principals parallel to beliefs that form the aesthetics that is nonviolence. This belief of adopting a nonviolent habitude is expressed in our daily life. Other forms of nonviolence can be portrayed in popular songs as well as conveyed through movies. A greatly underestimated form of violence is gender inequality and sexism.

Sexism can be categorized as a form of internal violence as the person violated is not receiving their full rights as a human. Being treated as an underclass citizen can rearrange the mentality of a person which is a form of psychological violence. This manner of violence can be applied to domestic abuse where one partner overpowers another. This type of social violence is expressed through daily interactions and throughout the majority of the text. This directly correlates to Raman’s predicament with Vidya that touched on his unintentional unequal treatment of her which can be interpreted as violence and can be analyzed in Kingians principle which simply states that one should attack forces of evil and not the person doing evil.

Nonviolence has been a message that has been expressed through the ancient technique of writing as well as the modern art of screened theatre. The debate on which approach is best to depict nonviolence has been heavily debated with advantages and disadvantages weighing both sides. Written literature allows the reader to delve within the book and generally understand the judgments of a character. While visual performances and music allow the vocal expression to touch on the most visual of people while keeping an entertained crowd, which can get the message of nonviolence across a wider range of people.

Nonviolence stems from the belief that violent actions bring upon more acts of destruction rather than productivity. The conviction that nonviolence can only be achieved through eliminating the driving force of violence and not through the person committing violent actions is a strong one that has been elucidated through Raman. Novels, motion pictures and music are all effective ways of expressing nonviolent experiences and interpretations. Nonviolence is a liberal understanding in this current society which puts the use of peaceful methods above violent ones in order to bring about change which we should preach and teach our society.

By Salma Abdelsalam