Today was the spring fair. This fair was hosted by the Maadi Woman’s Guild Benevolence at St John’s Church. The fair was to help schools that are hosted by the Benevolence comity. They host schools for the blind, deaf and those with autism. The money collected at the spring fair goes to help those schools. There were many booths and much handmade equipment. It is very similar to the bazaars at school. It was from 11A.M. until 3 P.M. There were tickets being sold at after church services on Fridays and at the gate. Tickets to go in were thirty pounds.

There were some volunteers from youth group that came to help out. There were shifts from 11 until 1 and 1 until 3. A couple of friends and I took the 11 to 1 shift while others took the 1 to 3 shift. We sold sloppy joes, pancakes, coffee/tea, and water. Sloppy joes weren’t a really good idea because people were fasting for Easter, but there were a couple that bought. That was put into consideration and they cost forty pounds. Many people came for the coffee/tea and water. We would give them hot water and they could make the coffee/tea however they liked it.

Across our stand was the baked good stand. There was a stand for handmade beads and jewelry. There were beautiful table cloths. There were towels with designs on them. There were books that were organized according to genres. The books were cheap because they were second hand books. The paperback books were five pounds. There were also some paintings being sold.

Some things being expensive and others being cheap they balanced out so that there would be enough. In the beginning it was slow and there were barely any people, but around the end of our shift more and more people started coming. It was a well put together fair and people enjoyed it.


By Fisson Tibbo