The film, The Eye, is one of the scariest films one could watch. The film begins with a blind girl named Sydney, who lives a casual happy life. She has a strong sense of hearing, smell, and touch, which help her live a normal life. Her life is very bright and devoid of fear, until the day she decides to have an eye operation. After the operation, she begins to see things that shouldn’t be seen. She sees ghosts who escort people to death, but she has no power to stop them. First, she sees a woman in the hospital die, followed by the chemo girl, then by a girl who got into a car accident. Next, a little boy, then a mother, and finally a young girl. They were all escorted by ghosts as well as masses of people.

She tried to inform people of her condition, but no one would believe her. Even her specialist told her that she was just overwhelmed by her exposure to all these new objects she never saw before. Sydney had no proof of what she could see, but she knew is that it was her eye donor who had caused her to be able to see these things. She asked her specialist, but he said that it was confidential, and afterwards she fled with anger. Later on, he came back and took her to where her donor, Ana, once lived.

When they got there, a little boy reported that she was called a witch. Ana also saw the same things Sydney saw, and when she would tell the people they would ignore her. She was never able to save anybody because she was thought of as a scary witch. After various attempts to save people, and nobody listening, Ana strangled herself. Sydney finally figured out Ana’s past, but still couldn’t figure out the message behind what she was seeing.

To be continued…


By Rozaline Beshay