What if the Arabs united? An interesting question, don’t you think? Firstly, it would help reduce the economic struggle and search for resources. Think about it; if all the Arab countries united, they would become one of the most powerful nations the world would ever know. This would all work for one simple reason; diversity. All the Arabic countries are so different in what they have and what they need that if they trade amongst each other, many problems would be solved. Let’s look at an example: Egypt has the most soldiers among all the Arab nations, so if it were to provide military support to well financed countries such as the UAE in return for financial aid, it would be stronger than ever before. The best thing about this proposal is that all countries win in this situation with Egypt boosting its economy, and the UAE increasing its territorial defenses. Now, imagine that example on a larger scale, with all Arab countries participating, wouldn’t they all be better off? Accordingly, if all the Arab countries united, it wouldn’t just make the included region a better place, but the world in its entirety as well.

By Jad Abbas