Social media plays a huge role in our lives today and it takes up a lot of our time. Many people do not realize this. Countless teenagers are wasting their time on these apps and not using them wisely. Even though these apps are a great method of communication and can have many benefits, people sometimes find ways to abuse them or use them for harmful purposes, so here are the top 10 social media apps today:

  1. Whatsapp: Whatsapp is the most commonly used social media app and almost all age groups use it every day. We may not realize it, but we depend a lot on this app. We use it to schedule important meetings or share valuable documents, in addition to socializing and contacting our friends or family.
  2. Snapchat: The second most commonly used app is Snapchat and honestly, I am not surprised. People use this app 24/7 to share stories, important moments, or even to keep streaks. It is a fast means of communication, and it is great for sharing temporary pictures and videos.
  3. Instagram: This app is one of my favorites and there are about 400 million active users daily. This app keeps you up to date with news about TV Shows and celebrities, while also allowing you to share valuable memories and communicate with your friends.
  4. Facebook: Facebook is one of those apps that are used by a ton of people but many do not realize. It was one of the first developed social media apps and it continues to grow and gain users. It’s used to message friends, share videos or photos, or even stay up to date with the news.
  5. Tumblr: The last app on the list is Tumblr. It is another one of those visual apps that are mostly based off of photos and videos. Even though the app does offer sharing text or audio blogs, for example, the app is mostly famous for its visual material.

By Fareeda Eraky