Music is the form of art that gives people pleasure, joy, and a place to seek refuge. It is a wonderful thing that every person can experience in a different manner. Some people listen to music specifically for the artist, while others listen to music to enjoy themselves. Personally, music is a way to escape reality and forget about the World for a moment. It allows you to tune out, and be isolated in your own thoughts and the words of the artist. Music can also be used as a means of focusing and getting on task. Many students encounter problems regarding them focusing and being able to study for long periods of time. My solution to this issue is music. Make yourself a playlist of songs that you enjoy, but not enough to easily distract you. Having a song playing in your ears while working can help you concentrate and achieve more in terms of academics. Music can also achieve the exact opposite, which is being a form of distraction. You can listen to music whilst working out, or while traveling on a long trip, to forget the situation you’re in, and simply focus on the music surrounding you. As you can see, music has a multitude of uses and ways to explore it. Music also has many different forms and figures. From the meaningful, lyrical masterpieces of songs performed by artists such as Eminem and Kendrick Lamar, to instrumental works of art played by bands such as Metallica. I would provide some suggestions, but ultimately music comes down to the listener’s own taste. Music brings incredible opportunities to the lives of those who experience it, whether you listen to it, or create it. Every person, no matter their position in life, should explore the world of music if they haven’t already.

metallica klamareminem

By Omar Elnashar