Month: May 2017


Nowadays, equality among human race has been a subject that is much debated in the society. Some believe all men should be created equal, while others think being different and unique is more beneficial to humanity. In this context, equality is when all men are the same in regards to their potential, aptitude, and mental..

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Imagine Dragons


Who are the Imagine Dragons? Imagine Dragons is an American rock and alternative band from Las Vegas, which includes Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon, Ben McKee, and drummer Daniel Platzman. The band was first recognized in 2012 as they released their album Night Visions and it’s beginning single “It’s Time”. Furthermore, Imagine Dragons were placed at the top..

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War and Peace

Peace… what is peace?! Have you ever read a novel before, consisting of no conflict or climax? This probably not true, because authors only write novels that would sell, and make them money. Well, why wouldn’t those novels make money? The truth is that people want suspense. Readers want something that arouses their emotions. They want..

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