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It’s rare when siblings spend much time together. Students rather spend their time alone, especially when there is a great age gap between them and their siblings. When it comes to interests, one person’s opinion may differ from another. Now that the seniors are almost leaving, siblings are trying to spend some quality time before their siblings go to college.

The Student Council found a common interest between siblings of all ages, childhood T.V. shows, where siblings could spend some quality time together. The Blast to the Past will be taking place in the auditorium, on May the 13th. This event allows siblings of younger age to enjoy watching childish T.V. shows, as well as older siblings to reminisce about their childhood.

The Blast to the Past event’s primary goal is to enable students to reconnect with their siblings. During this event, one can spend time with their siblings to share with them their childhood T.V. shows. During this event siblings bond, as they watch some of the most popular T.V. shows ever. T.V. shows such as Hannah Montana, Sponge Bob Square Pants, That’s So Raven, Suite life of Zack and Cody, and Wizards of Waverly Place will be displayed during this event.

The Student Council members have cherry picked the funniest and most popular episode from each T.V. series to display in the auditorium. This event will be approximately two hours long. Hopefully, there will be an intermission, and there will certainly be food there on sale, such as pizza, chips, and sodas. Tickets are for 30 L.E. per student, but 50 L.E. per two. “Blast to the Past” siblings’ movie night, hosted by Student Council, is a great time with your friends and siblings and reconnect with your childhood memories!

By Rozaline Beshay