This year in computers, we read an article that was titled “Digital Heroin.” In this article it talked about a woman that had a son that loved playing and that enjoyed the outdoors. With the intention of helping him learn through an iPad, she bought him one. Slowly she noticed that he was losing interest in playing outside. After a while all he wanted to do was play on his iPad. It got so serious that she had to take him to a psychologist. The psychologist explained what it was and treated her son by slowly decreasing usage of the technology.

Nowadays, many people are addicted to technology and electronics. Spending time on the screen makes us happy so we spend more and more time on electronics until we are addicted. Like any addiction, once you get into it, it’s a struggle getting out. You have to learn how to resist temptation and have a trustworthy friend that will hold you accountable for your actions. You need to be able to say no to your desire to please yourself. If your problem is spending too much time on electronics, decrease it. Go one step at a time. Start by decreasing about an hour and then two hours and go on from there. When you do this you find it less difficult than just stopping all at once.

Having trustworthy friends that you can rely on will help with resisting. If you share your struggles with others they might be understanding and will help you through it or they might hold you accountable. If they hold you accountable it helps you resist the temptation to go back and do what you used to do. The problem with an addiction is that it rips you away from everything else you love and declares your full attention. With self-belief and with the help of others, addiction can be defeated.

By Fisson Tibbo