Dear everyone at AISE,

The end of the year is coming; it’s finally here! With only one month and ten days left until the end of the year, I thought someone should reflect on the year as a whole. Although I would change a few things I did this year, it turned out to be quite exemplary. Firstly, although nobody likes to recognize it, I was finally able to notice the real, misleading and fake friends I had. Moreover, I was allowed to extend my search on who I am as a person and who I was going to be through my extracurricular activities. One of the things I regret this year and every year is that I let societal pressure take a hold over me. This hindered my ability to make new friends and new memories due to my insecurities, which I constantly plan on getting rid of. Even though a few things reduced the overall quality of my high school experience, a few of my achievements are noteworthy. I was finally able to join the NHS and see what it was like to be with those like me, which further enhanced my passion for innovation and community engagement. Moreover, I was able to maintain my grades while reaching out of my “comfort zone”. During this year, I have done things that I never thought I would do and experienced things that I never thought I would experience. I made friends with people that I never thought would be my friends and I was fully able to experience the true meaning of a “life worth living”, regardless of the continuous personal problems I had within my esteemed household. One of my favourite moments throughout the year was when I was able to say morning announcements to the whole school, which filled the void inside my heart. Therefore, I do not think I would change the way this year turned out even if I could go back in time to change it. As a remembrance, I leave you with some advice. Firstly, never be scared of approaching people/things that you are not accustomed to because that will potentially ruin your experience. Secondly, never, ever be scared of trying new things that are out of your “comfort zone”, regardless of the repercussions that you think will take place. The choice is yours, at the American International School in Egypt, do you want to be the person who lived life to its fullest, or do you want to be the person that was never able to?

Yours truly,

Jad Hussam Abbas

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