Nowadays, equality among human race has been a subject that is much debated in the society. Some believe all men should be created equal, while others think being different and unique is more beneficial to humanity. In this context, equality is when all men are the same in regards to their potential, aptitude, and mental capacity. Thus, the question then arises, what are the positive and negative aspects of being created equal? Although some think equality ensures a more peaceful society, many more believe equality results in living in a static world where no one will be a menial job.

     Certainly, equality among the human race ensures a peaceful society. In a world with total equality, all men will have equal talents and abilities; there is no difference between their color and religion. As a result, no ill feelings such as jealousy will arise within their personalities. Furthermore, fewer conflicts and wars will take place. Hence, one will live in a society with more peace, love and unity. In fact, having a peaceful world can be beneficial to mankind. A person will not worry about any dangers on the street as well as having their life at risk. In light of this argument, there are others who believe that creating all men equal is negative for various reasons.  

     On the other hand, many more believe if all men are created equal than mankind will live in an ecstatic, boring life. Nowadays, people are always competitively challenging each other and motivating one another to do better in regards to studies and progress. Whereby, when there is equality, everyone will reach the same ceiling and have the same capacity; thus, no one will motivate to get better. In addition, no field of improvement will exist in such world. Moreover, people grow less attracted to each other. In this world, people usually get attracted to the different characteristics in others. However, when all men are equal in regard of physical characteristics, no feeling will grow.

     Moreover, creating men equal will lead to no one working for others. In fact, there are families that have many servants that work for them. Such servants clean the house and collect the garbage. In other words, these servants are the only ones suitable for doing menial jobs. However, if all men are equal, there will no one to do these menial jobs. As a result, one may likely confront a problem of existing heaps of garbage on the streets and unclean houses, which result in getting infected with diseases. Thus, it is certain to say that having all men equal will not provide an opportunity for some to do menial jobs.

     In a nutshell, one can conclude that although being equal ensures a more peaceful life, many more believe equality is likely to lead to a static universe with no one having any menial jobs. As a matter of fact, a world with inequality among men will consistently evolve. In fact, discoveries will take place daily, and mysteries will be uncovered. In addition, new technologies will develop and efficient laws will be adopted resulting in advancing the different aspects of our society. In conclusion, it is certain to say that creating men unequal paves the way for a better world.  

By Arwa Ahmed