This week felt like the longest week ever. Sunday and Monday felt like Tuesday and Wednesday. From then on, Tuesday and Wednesday felt like Thursday until Thursday finally came. I have never wanted Thursday to come so badly. I generally like school because of the new things we learn each day and because of the community it creates. Until I became a high schooler, I would get really excited to come to school.  I used to hate Thursdays because that meant I would have to go home and not be obligated to do homework which meant that I would be bored. We weren’t allowed to go out a lot. We only went to school, church and occasionally shopping. Coming from Ethiopia, we were used to playing outside all the time and so it was hard to get used to being stuck at home all the time. However, once I got used to it, I loved home, but Thursdays were normally boring so I didn’t like them. Then I got to high school and I enjoyed coming to school and enjoyed staying at home equally. Then, this week, I got to experience how my friends felt when they said, “It’s still Sunday!”

I have one friend in grade nine whose name is Ali. He comes on Sundays happy that he slept for thirteen hours on Friday or tired because he barely got any sleep on Saturday. On Wednesdays he comes up to me and says, “Fifi, it’s Wednesday, which means tomorrow is Thursday!” When he says this, he is smiling from the happiness and anticipation for the next day to come. Almost every Thursday, he comes up to me and says, “It’s finally Thursday! Now I just have to wait for the end of the day!” Until this week, I didn’t truly understand what he meant. This week, Tuesday felt like Thursday and like we were going to have a long break. Then on Wednesday I was certain that it was Thursday and planning on relaxing and watching The Flash. Then Thursday morning I felt relieved that it was “finally Thursday.”

By Fisson Tibbo