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       During the last IB CAS Retreat to Fayoum two IB seniors decided to create a video showing the beauty of Egypt. They filmed an amazing video picturing the beauty of Fayoum. They spent a lot of time editing the video and believed that we do not see the beauty of our country and do not appreciate the things we have. They said that they were inspired by the #thisisegypt campaign to help promote tourism in the country. The video was shown in school about a month ago, but the reason I am mentioning this now is because Cairo Scene wrote an article about it and the video is going viral. The video was filmed and edited by Maged Attalla and Seif Shawkat and Maged stated, “We have been wanting to create a video to show the beauty of Egypt from our point of view as Egyptian youth. We found this trip as an opportunity to begin this project. It was our first time to travel to Fayoum, and the moment we reached there, we were amazed. We really started to see this video coming alive,” showing that he was really motivated to show the beauty of Egypt. They wanted to inspire people to travel around Egypt and see their country for themselves. They said that we underestimate our country and that we shouldn’t judge because we have one of the nicest countries. They say that regardless of the political or social situation in the country, the country’s beauty will never be changed. CairoScene stated “Attalla and Shawkat were particularly interested in showcasing a side of Egypt that locals often lose sight of in amid the traffic jams and the long queues and noise, they wanted to remind Egyptians of how uniquely beautiful this country is.”
By Fareeda Eraky