SAT: My Experience and Prep

Recently, May 6th, was my first official SAT experience. For the past few weeks I’ve been contemplating studying and trying to find out whether or not it was worth it, which was something that really stressed me out. Conforming to my typical procrastinative nature, I ended up studying nothing. I’d basically like to share my recommendations and tips for future SAT takers from AIS about how to approach, it and also share my personal experience today.

My preparation was strictly limited to a 10th grade PSAT and some tips I got from friends over the phone. Today I went in to take my exam and overall it went pretty smoothly. However, there were a few main things that I think I should’ve studied and all future students should as well. A major difficulty I faced was managing my time and ensuring adequate care and attention to all the questions. Due to my lack of familiarity and preparation, I had no idea how to pace myself which led to me missing numerous questions. I think one thing all students should do before their official SAT is work on a practice SAT to get comfortable with, and to learn how to manage their time. This is something that definitely would have come in very handy today and ensured a much smoother run through my SAT.

Another thing I learned today was the importance of certain SAT strategies that can easily be found online or through a limited amount of lessons. Many questions on the SAT contain more than one correct answer, and the answer to be chosen is supposed to be “the best option.” Had I practiced a bit more and found more familiarity with how to decide what the best option is and other strategies to help guide me in my decision making, I am sure that also would’ve helped me.

In conclusion, I don’t think over studying is useful or constructive for a person taking the SAT. However, if SATs are vital to the person’s college application, then I would definitely recommend at least a short amount of studying, exploring the topics I discussed. Essentially, a small amount of practice can definitely go a long way on the SAT and so take the effort to just put in a small amount of preparation to ensure achieving your best results.

By Yazeed Abul-Ata