This weekend caught me by storm. I hadn’t planned much, until I was informed of the plans my parents had set for my weekend. It was really Thursday that was much of a surprise for me. Although I had planned it to be an ordinary night, I was rather surprised to what my parents had planned. Although Thursday usually isn’t like any other day, it wasn’t like anything I thought it would have been.  

It was for no occasion that these plans had been made that night, but it was rather a change of plan that I had been lately lacking. At first, I was dragged all the way from school to my cousins’ house. I have to admit myself, it was a blast. We began reminiscing about past events that not only began to make us laugh, but also build a stronger relationship. I met one of my cousins whom I haven’t seen in a few months. At the end of our family gathering, we had noticed that it would be best to meet more often. Before that day we nearly never met unless it was due to an occasion. It was decided we would meet once every three weeks or so, especially now that two of our family members were going to depart for college soon.

After talking and laughing for a while we had to carry ourselves home, but although the moon was near to set, that wasn’t nearly the end of my day. As I entered home, I watched a few episodes of a T.V. series, until the doorbell rang. I got up and at first my uncle, mother, and father entered. Later, to my surprise, my second cousins came in. It was the first time to see them since last year. We spent time talking about a trip that we’ll be going on during the summer. At last we had finished catching up, and it was after midnight. I set out to sleep, ready to wake up to an ordinary Friday, but will there be a change of plans this time?

By Rozaline Beshay