study good


study good


  • Start working at the same time everyday

Working at the same time everyday will help you get into habit. Eventually, studying at 6:00 will become part of your daily routine and you will naturally do it. Leave yourself a note or set an alarm to notify you that you must study.



  • Listen to music

Listen to music that won’t distract you. Classical music and music without lyrics are a good choice. Listening to your favorite song might distract you so choose something that makes you relaxed and focused on what you’re doing.



  • Set goals and display them

Setting small goals is a good way to begin. Simply write it down and put it on your desk or in your locker or a reminder on your phone. Setting a small goal such us study for an hour today will get you motivated and reminds you that you have to do it.



  • Leave clues around the room

Leaving clues will trigger that you must finish it or maybe start it. Maybe leave your notebook or textbook on your bed to remind you to study or complete an assignment.



  • Just start

The easiest thing to do is just do it. Simply starting will allow you to to at least begin and if you’re really not interested then it is a good idea to just take a break and start again. Once you start it is hard to stop.



  • Keep an organized and tidy place

Having an organized work space is almost like having an organized brain. Eliminating any distractions and unneeded junk scattered will help make studying easier.



  • Use a planner

Using a planner or journal will organize your time and inform you deadlines, homework, activities and other appointments. Planning everything will make your life easier and help you with time management and allow you to complete assignments on time.



  • Reward yourself

Having a reward at the end of a task will make you feel motivated to complete the task. Whatever motivates you, use it as bait to finish your assignment so that you don’t have to do it while being upset and feeling like you wasted your time.


  • Print Motivational quotes

Having motivational quotes is a fun activity. It’s also your own way of saying “Get up and finish this because it isn’t gonna do it itself!” Whether it’s your favorite celebrity’s quote or a quote you found online in both ways it is going to help you get started and finished.



  • Do it with friends

Having  a friend by your side to complete it is also a fun way of getting homework done. You can help each other finish quicker and you will enjoy it because you’re working while socializing!

These hacks could be used for anything such as exercising, finishing chores or helping you pass a class. Hopefully you found this useful and now you’re motivated to at least start.


By: Farida Lotfalla