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Create to Donate at AISE

Create to Donate, a club at AIS, is one of the great new clubs that we have in our school. To my knowledge, Create to Donate is a great artistic club that involves many artistic people. They collaboratively use their artistic skills to make something, which is later donated to people in charity. The passion with which the members make their artwork is something that shows how an individual can use their skills to benefit, and satisfy other people.


To answer further questions I had about the club, I interviewed Youssef Ramzy:

Me: Okay, so firstly who are you, and what is your role in Create to Donate?

Youssef: I am Youssef Ramzy, a senior in IB and the Co founder of Create to Donate.

Me: What is the purpose of Create to Donate, and how is it different from any other club?

Youssef: Create to Donate focuses on artistic talents in school to generate profit that then goes to charity. The charity we are dealing with is As7ab El Ganna.

Me: What kind of things do you make, and how d o you plan on selling them?

Youssef: We make bracelets, paintings, ribbons, knotted gloves, scarves etc. We plan on selling what we make in school.

Me: So how would someone get into Create to Donate, like is it only based on sign ups?

Youssef: No, it is open to anyone who has any passion for art. You don’t have to be good at art though.

Me: And would you be looking for someone in particular, with certain talents or skills?

Youssef: No, anyone who has the drive to help out would be welcome into the club with open arms.

Me: What drives you in particular to want to carry out this activity?

Youssef: My passion for art (even though I am not necessarily good at it) and my will to help a great cause.

Me: what is your goal in this club, and how much money would you wanna raise?

Youssef: As of now, I would like to raise as much money as possible. Specifically, the charity that we deal with provides each unfortunate case with a monthly allowance of 300LE, so I guess raising 3,000LE would be nice. More would be better.

Me: Lastly, when are you going to sell the products that you make each week?

Youssef: We are making the products on Monday, and we sell them throughout the remainder of the week.

Me: Okay! This club sounds like so much fun, thank you for answering my questions.

Based on the passion and dedication found in Youssef’s contribution to this club, it seems like it is a club that aims to actually carry raise enough money to make a difference in the charity As7ab El Ganna. This club is one of the many that you should definitely think of joining as it allows your creative self to flourish in a way that benefits others around you. Express yourself, and help your community in the process!


By Laila Abdelrazek