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Hello IB Juniors,

I am a former IB student who somehow managed to obtain my IB diploma and somewhat maintain my physical and mental health throughout the two years. I wanted to take time and write some tips I believe will really make a profound difference in your IB experience.

First tip – organize your time! This is the most important part of IB and you have probably heard it over and over again. So, here’s what to do, make a schedule and write down when all your minor assignments and tests are due in one colour and your major IB assessments and exams in another. This will hopefully make you realize how close an assessment is approaching because trust me, it creeps up on you. Do not procrastinate! You are probably thinking, “I have so many assignments and tests to study for and I’m forced to procrastinate.” No, you’re not!! If you organize your time and know which assignment is due when then you will have time to complete each assignment properly and ace it!

Next tip is SLEEP. It is possible to sleep during IB and still pass. Unfortunately, because I wasted so much time and got easily distracted, I would sleep at 2 am every day, so don’t make the same mistake I did.

Third tip is create a strong friendship with past papers because for the next two years they will be your best friends. Past papers are important because your mock and final IB exams will have a similar structure and style of questions as these papers, so you know what to expect. One of the annoying things about IB is that they expect a certain type of answer that includes specific terms and details, therefore when completing past papers, it is crucial to carefully examine the mark scheme.

Another annoying, but enjoyable aspect of IB is CAS. CAS is torture when you leave it all to the last minute and take part in activates that you despise. Make it fun! CAS is supposed to be fun! Take part in activates that you find interesting and start early! I found CAS to be great because I thought of it as a break from academics and a way for me to actually enjoy my life while earning those hours.

Finally, there is no need to stress because stress will just kill your confidence and psychologically mess you up. I was a major stress ball, but all it did was make my IB experience harder than it should be. So, if you organize your time, study hard, and sleep then there is no reason for you to stress. Always keep in my mind that IB is worth it, I’m having a very relaxing time during my first year in university because I only take three courses thanks to IB.

Lastly, I hope all of you a successful, fun and stress free IB experience!



IB survivor candidate 000654-0014,

Salma Ismail