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What It’s Like to Be A Senior

Usually first days of school have brought me a bit of dread for knowing my summer was over and a bit of excitement to see my friends, go to new classes, and see what’s new. This year however a new ingredient was added to my typical mix of emotions, and that was a weird nervousness/anxiety. As much as it was exciting celebrating our last first day, it was still a bit scary knowing that my whole school era was coming to an end. However that feeling quickly subsided into what Ms. Zabaneh’s students would know as “senioritis.” The easiest way to explain the senioritis feeling is by comparing it to the feeling of the last lap of a two-mile run in PE. Having gone through 3 years of high school (and for some of us one year of IB) you have gotten so close to the end that you basically think you’re done, and go into cruise control mode. This can get really dangerous considering college applications are right around the corner for all of us.

There is still a very apparent charm and energy to being a senior. The feeling started the day of the senior lunch, when we officially became the highest grade in the school when the 2017 seniors left. Next, that feeling became more amplified when we got to dress down on Thursdays. Lastly, having received the senior shirts recently, the excitement levels are off the charts. All the senior privileges add onto the whole senior energy and excitement brought by the last year. These burgundy shirts officially deem us the top of the food chain, hopefully senioritis doesn’t kick in too hard and we can all still graduate.

By Yazeed Abul-Ata