The Scholastic Aptitude Test, every student’s biggest worry upon entering Grades 11 and 12. What is the Scholastic Aptitude Test? One may ask. It’s what most known as the SAT. The SAT is one of the most mentally challenging tests any student takes upon their educational journey at school. 3 hours and 50 minutes in a test center with a primary goal of getting the best score you possibly can. Many believe that there is no way to study for the SAT because there is no specific content that should be studied. However, there are numerous ways to study for the SAT. The SAT is a test that is all about practice; the more you practice the more confident and comfortable you’ll become when taking the test. The SAT is a collaboration of almost everything you’ve learned in school; I’m more than a hundred percent sure that there are at least two or three topics you struggle with. Take these topics one by one and begin to read and practice them. Think of the SAT as watering a plant you plant it a little everyday until it begins to grow; the SAT is the same idea you practice it a little every day until you begin to thrive. Considering the fact that the exam is timed might add a little pressure on you, in order to avoid this pressure always time yourself when you are practicing. While you are practicing try to pick up techniques that would make save up time or help you answer questions. For example in the reading passages I would suggest you read the questions first before reading the passages, underlining important topics, and writing key words to the side of the paragraphs to remember what each passage was about. To study for the SAT is concluded in three words “Practice Makes Perfect”; the more you practice, the better you’ll get, the more comfortable you’ll be while taking the test. The SAT is a test like any other test set yourself a study schedule and you should do fine. Don’t forget to have a good night’s sleep the night before and a big breakfast the morning of the SAT.


By: Tamara Shash