“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it a rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul”.

“BEEP BEEP”, goes your alarm to wake you up for school. You hit the snooze button and turn on your morning playlist to start getting ready. You get in the car and turn on the radio. At school you put on your headphones and start working on your assignment. After school you work out and just as you feel you can’t finish that last lap; the beat helps you push through it. You have a two-page essay due in a few hours, you turn on some music and just before you know it you’re done. Music is a vital part of our lives. No matter the location or purpose, music is a part of our daily routine.

Here is how the music you’re listening to may benefit you:

  1. Music plays a role in brain development: It increases spatial intelligence, brain connectivity, and motor/reasoning skills (John Hopkins Medicine)
  2. Source of therapy: It reduces stress and anxiety. When you listen to a song that is upbeat it makes you happier. It instantly puts you in a better mood. The brain releases a chemical called dopamine, which causes you to feel emotions like happiness, excitement, and joy, whereas slow music makes you feel relaxed and calm.
  3. Music aids memory: It stimulates pathways in the brain that help with emotional, cognitive, and memory processing (NCBI). It can help you retain information.
  4. Enhance work and academic performance: It increases concentration, productivity and creativity. Research shows that students who took music lessons did better on standardized tests (Worcester Polytechnic Institute).
  5. Increases athletic performance: Music helps us exercise. It competes with our brain’s attention to fight fatigue.
  6. Improves Sleep quality: Due to music being relaxing and distracting you will be able to sleep faster.
  7. Physical benefits: It can lower blood pressure, relieve pain, boost immune system and improve body coordination (Web MD).

In conclusion there is strong evidence that music benefits us. It is more than something to just listen to or play. It affects us physically and mentally, all the way from our heads to our toes.

By: Zekra Tawfik