Group 1 Article Submission 10-21 (Oct 21, 2017 at 20-28)

Attending School Through an iPad

Attending school through an iPad might not be as glamorous as it seems. I had surgery 4 weeks ago, and because of that I was assigned to bed rest. Yet thanks to our school that has went the extra mile, I am currently attending school through an iPad, but unlike what most people think, it’s not as “spectacular” as it seems. Although the idea of attending classes while laying in bed might sound pleasant, the learning opportunities missed make getting good grades all that much harder. Also, to cover the material you have to work twice as hard, as you miss all the hands-on learning opportunities. Living in Egypt also means that the internet connection sometimes drops, and sometimes there may be annoying classmates (called Adham) who randomly close the iPad. Not being in control of where you go and people having the ability to just mute you is also very oppressing. There is a famous analogy of people being chained by their power cords, and I now understand what that truly means.

However to every cloud there is a silver lining, meaning that there are multiple advantages to this. Firstly, sleep. Yes I wake up later than most of you do. Also, not having to wear a uniform makes you feel free and able to express yourself with your outfit for the day. There are also a couple of more advantages such as watching television in lunch and being all snuggled up in your bed with your blanket and pillow while the other students are complaining about how cold or hot it is in their class. Also, I have found that I feel like the day goes by way quicker than how it went by when I attended classes. By the end of the day I still have so much energy, which I think is because of the fact that the ride home somehow will make people feel more tired. Still, by being in this condition, you miss all of your friends and you miss out on everything that makes a senior year amazing. This includes events such as the senior sleep over, senior trip, CAS retreat, the senior act; but hey, at least I’ll get to go to prom.

Overall, I am grateful that I can still attend school somehow, but if I could choose I’d definitely want to attend classes regularly, rather than on an iPad. So to everyone who complains about how much they hate school, remember to always count your blessings.

By: Tarek Abdulbasir