Surely all of you joining IB have heard something along the lines of “you have to be able to manage your time or else (fill in the blank)”. The odds are that so has everyone else around you, including me. As I am approaching my last couple of months as an IB student, I’ve never heard more truthful advice than this. Hence, based on my experience I am going to tell you how I managed to survive this long in such a brutal scheme of challenging a student. The first step towards managing your time is to list your priorities in order. As you should anyways, make a list of responsibilities (i.e homeworks, projects, exams, and etc.) and rank them in order of priorities. The highest priority is one that you can’t afford to procrastinate for (trust me when I say this), solely because it’ll have the greatest impact on your GPA. Divide this into segments that you will cover from the day that it is assigned to the before it’s due and you’ll find that you’ve completed it relatively comfortably. The lowest priority, which will most likely be a homework, is of course one that you should do early on but if crammed in a week of torment can be left for advisory or the night before it’s due. I say this because although I’ve only had it for two months now, the things that I have accomplished in advisory range from simply printing a brochure to studying eleven compact chapters of Chemistry. The grey area in between these two extremes should be distributed accordingly relative to one another, meaning that higher priorities should be managed better than lower ones and those better than the least ones. Finally, NEVER, and I repeat NEVER, start watching a series or playing games mid-studies. Doing so will only lead to binge watching and non-stop obsession over the task, resulting in a best-case scenario of an hour or two of sleep. This concludes my advice, and I hope that you can benefit from it the way I still struggle to, to this day.

By: Ahmed Abdellatif