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A few months ago, I decided to change my eating habits and lifestyle for the better. This decision was to become a vegetarian. At first I was very unsure about making this choice because of my love and appreciation for other foods. However, my love for animal life and a healthy body were a priority for me. In this article I will discuss three important benefits and perks of becoming a vegetarian and show you why it is a decision everyone should consider.

  1. Becoming a vegetarian has proven to improve your mood: Arachidonic acid is a chemical in your body which has been proven to affect your mood. The more the acid, the more likely you will be in a bad mood. This acid is found primarily in animal meat and vegetarian diets have almost no arachidonic acid. So if you’re always in a bad mood and don’t know why stop eating animal meat for a couple of days and notice the difference.
  2. Reduced Risk of diabetes: Diabetes is a condition that is very common, especially in Egypt. Many of us know a friend or family member who suffers from diabetes. One way to avoid this condition is by opting to become a vegetarian. According to the George Washington University School of Medicine, a vegetarian diet can reduce the risk of diabetes by half.
  3. Reduce the risk of having a stroke or becoming obese: In general, vegetarians tend to be much more cautious about their choices when it comes to food and are unlikely to eat based on their emotions. These two factors contribute to the likelihood of becoming obese or having a stroke.

So, if you are ever considering becoming a vegetarian, consider the factors discussed above. Put your health first and help save the lives of innocent animals.  

By: Hassan Amer