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Humans of AIS

Uniqueness and creativity appeared to run dry in the minds of the NHS members this year. Due to the extreme proactivity of the AIS student body in recent years, it felt to us like every idea suggested was in some way unoriginal, or plain boring. Our goal was to provide a fresh and creative idea and project to the AIS project portfolio, which would have some significance in the AIS community. This is when NHS member Hana El Messiry came with a beautiful idea, “Humans of AIS.”

Humans of New York was a project developed by Brandon Stanton. His goal was to give a voice to unheard New York citizens through posting pictures alongside messages from random citizens. His posts generally revolve around asking for thoughts or ideas of the random people he photographs, and allows for such a beautiful variety of stories in his posts. The freedom and fluidity of the messages in his posts make for an extremely intriguing and liberating page.

Hana El Messiry’s brilliant idea was to develop a HoNY like project at AIS. The goal of this project is to hear the different stories and messages of all of the members of the AIS community. This includes the stories of security guards, “blue-workers,” students, and even teachers. Her idea caught the attention of everyone at NHS due to the amazing authenticity and creativity behind her ideas.

Humans of AIS is the perfect project to help bind and grow the sense of community, and inter-relations at our school. I’m very excited to be a part of this project and helping the great minds of NHS bloom into actions. I hope to see this develop into full action within the next few months and gain a lot of popularity in our school environment.

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By: Yazeed Abul-Ata