If it wasn’t for the cost and expenses, everyone would be traveling. Visiting other countries or other cities within your country gives you time to escape your reality and enjoy a different scenery. However, could traveling have a bigger impact on our lives than just having fun? Traveling is beneficial in many ways, for example, people who have lived in different countries or have traveled tend to be more open-minded and less judgmental towards different races and cultures. Other than that, traveling is a great way to learn more about different cultures and societies as well as the history of the country you’re visiting. It’s like the country is a classroom where you learn, but you learn without getting tested. In addition to traveling being educational, traveling has been proven to help people going through depression according to Professor Adam Galinksy. Because traveling gets you out of your comfort zone and away from your everyday routine, it helps relieve stress and give the person a different outlook on life. This not only arouses positive thinking, but makes the person more enthusiastic about living. Not only that, but The Framingham Heart Study shows that those who don’t travel (within or outside a country) for several years are more likely to get heart attacks than those who do travel. The happiness you have and find isn’t only during a vacation, but it’s before and after as well. A 2014 Cornell research study also showed that people experience more happiness when they find out they are going on a trip or when they’re planning one, in comparison to when they buy something that improves the person’s overall well being. So the next time you have a few days off and don’t know what to do, grab your passport and a few friends and discover the world, all the while benefiting your mental and physical health.

By: Camellia Rashad