Month: November 2017

Teen Depression in the 21st Century

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Depression has risen by 10% in adolescents in this decade. It’s worth mentioning, however, that it is mainly focused on girls. The rate of depression in boys has actually decreased since 2005.   Many psychologists blame this depression on the rise of social media. But is that really the reason? Correlation is not always causation…

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Is Technology Really Benefiting Us?


I come here today with a purpose of focusing primarily on the social effects of technology throughout this article. We often think of large corporations such as Apple or Samsung when we think of technology. We think of development and the future, but how exactly is technology benefiting our future? The ongoing urbanization due to..

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The Formula for Immortality

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Formula for Immortality Paranoid people have been on the search for formulas, alchemical spells, and gadgets to cheat the natural cycle of physical death. These people are so inclined to the mundanely world, as they want to accomplish more in life. For example, Qin Shi Huang (259-210 B.C.), the first emperor of a united China,..

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