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Formula for Immortality

Paranoid people have been on the search for formulas, alchemical spells, and gadgets to cheat the natural cycle of physical death. These people are so inclined to the mundanely world, as they want to accomplish more in life.

For example, Qin Shi Huang (259-210 B.C.), the first emperor of a united China, was so obsessed with the idea of living forever in order to maintain his power. However, seeking the mythical elixir of life, the unfortunate emperor died tragically after swallowing mercury pills, which he thought contained the secret to immortality.

In a sense, the duration of an average person’s life is short. The following pie chart depicts the activities in a person’s daily life:

ramzy graph 2

Here, we can see that people spend a little less than a third of a typical day sleeping and approximately half of the day working. This only leaves one fifth of the day for leisure time and other activities! When you reflect upon this mathematical representation, you would perhaps think that, we, like Qin Shi Huang, should seek the elixir of life for a longer lifetime.

… but no, the formula for immortality does not lie in chemicals, gadgets, and formulas. Simply, physical death is inevitable.

However, a solution is beautifully expressed by one of Egypt’s greatest poets, Ahmed Shawki. In an expressive poem titled, “المشرقانِ عليكَ ينتحبان,” a memorable line quotes the following:

فالذكرُ للإنسان عُمرٌ ثاني

For non-Arabic readers, this directly translates into “For people, their memory is a second life.” Isn’t that beautiful? Think about it. Some people are so memorable that you do not forget them even long after their physical death. For example, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln, Mahmoud Darwish, and many more will never really ‘die,’ as their memory prolongs for generations and generations to come. Regardless of their fields of expertise, all these people have one thing in common: they were all very successful. These were people, who used at least one fifth of their days and at least one fifth of their lives wisely.

Now, if you use your time wisely, your name can be amongst the other successful people, whose names are on history’s wall of fame. Finally, the formula for immortality is in your hands.

By: Youssef Beshay