All the older people that I talk to on a frequent basis tell me that I should enjoy school while it lasts, as they are the best years of your life, and so far I am inclined to agree. The amount of friends I have and see on a daily basis will not show up again like they do in school. Unfortunately, after I graduate, I fear I will not see many of the people I have met and been glad to call friends. I may still be in contact with them and see them every once in a while, but it still won’t be the same as it is in school.

Being in my final year of high school is a complete shock to be completely honest. I mean, this may sound cheesy or like a cliché, but I do distinctly remember my first day at AIS, which was the first day of the second grade, literally like it was yesterday. I remember the terrifying and long walk up from gate one back then to the courtyard full of new and scary faces, all with me holding on to my mother’s hand for dear life. I remember my fear of meeting new people at that time. I remember myself crying when my mom had to leave and slowly let her hand slip out of the reach and grip of mine, forcing me to feel the real magnitude of what I was about to endure. I remember all of this as if it was yesterday with extreme detail.

Therefore, to be currently in Grade 12 as a senior is a huge surprise and a wake-up call for myself. I know all the elderly people say that time flies by, but in all honesty it truly does. 11 years of life have flown by in a flash, and it does really make me feel old along with my lack of hair and huge bald spots at the age of 16.

My experience in school has been full of ups and downs in general, but I do truly believe that my school years have been and will always be the best years of my life.

Enjoy your time in school before it is too late.

By: Ibrahim Kenawy