I come here today with a purpose of focusing primarily on the social effects of technology throughout this article. We often think of large corporations such as Apple or Samsung when we think of technology. We think of development and the future, but how exactly is technology benefiting our future? The ongoing urbanization due to the rapid growth of technology which we are facing will ultimately lead to our demise. Our reliance on technology has proved countless times to damage us rather than to benefit us, and I state so because of one reason, we are TOO dependent on technology. You may be thinking, well of course, we are largely reliant on technology, technology IS better isn’t it? In some cases this is true, but for every new feature our phones have, we go back one step as a society. We all hear the typical “If you would just leave your phone and embrace nature” quote, our parents say it all the time, but what if I told you that there are some numbers to go with this claim. According to “New York Behavioral Health”, children, of ages 8-18, spend over 7.5 hours a day, 7 days a week using media sites outside of school. Social media has become our life, we go from sitting on our butts working on our laptops at school, to the same thing at home. A survey on 300 (American) parents conducted by the NYBH has shown that 87% of parents agree that as their children begin to become trusted with common technology such as phones or computers, their interactions with the family decreases, in turn family bonds are broken, and 17% of American children are either kicked out or choose to leave their homes by the age of 16. Fascinating.


Although these numbers are very practical, there is as much evidence that technology is benefiting our society rather than harming it. This varies from education to the personal effects of globalization, though whether technology really does benefit us, we can only know for sure in the future.

By: Omar Abdellatif