Apology Letter

The story begins with an oppression

With a man trying to make an expression

Without the use of aggression, he hopes

He hopes that people will listen

Screaming since 1948,

Hoping anyone would relate

Begging for a friend, an ally in the war that awaits

Crying about what fate will dictate

Yet no one listens

It’s not that we don’t hear the cries

Or see the tears in their eyes

With everyone saying they’ll help,

yet no one tries

And here we stand, 70 years after the country’s demise

And all I have to offer is an apology..

My brothers in Palestine I apologize,

Not for what is happening to you

But for me standing here, not knowing what to do

Year, after year

I see the blood shed, yet all I shed is a tear

Imagining some of the fear, yet I’m still standing here

The distance between us is less than 500 miles,

Yet it feels like we are on completely different aisles

And for this I apologize

I apologize..

For all the lies we tell ourselves

To help justify why, we do nothing as we see you die

I apologize

For I used to wear the name of “Arab” proudly

Yet I left you when I heard you screaming loudly

And now I’m not even proud of my nationality nor identity

And when I saw the innocent children shot with bullets

And when I saw what was once a playing field become a battlefield,

And what was once a school yard become a graveyard

And when the gatherings became massacres,

I suddenly became an asker…

And as an asker, I ask you today for forgiveness

I apologize

For I have watched you in pain, and yet I remain..

I remain silent, for I have been trained

Trained to remain restrained

And no matter how much we complained or explained,

The truth always remained

The truth we all knew, yet acted like it was hidden

As we were told that helping is really forbidden

And today I hear of plans to move the embassy,

Yet it made sense, like a last piece to a trilogy

And in the future when they ask “where were you when?”

I don’t know what I’ll say then,

And for this I apologize

I apologize Palestine,

For we never knew when to draw the line

And I remember when these apologies of mine

Were expressed by the millions

That is when the light of hope used to shine

But now, it feels like we’ve lost you Palestine

This isn’t just an apology to you Palestine,

But also a threat to every swine..

To every swine who believes that they can take advantage of us,

And that everything will be fine

Because I promise,

One day us Arabs will align

This promise isn’t only for Palestine but also for my brothers in Libya and Syria

This land is not theirs, but mine  القدس عربية#

By: Tarek Abdulbasir