Did you know that every 40 seconds, somewhere in the world, someone dies by suicide? Probably not. It is not every day that you get asked this question. Do you know why suicide is so common? Depression. In the 21st century, depression and anxiety-related disorders became a global ‘epidemic.’ We as a progressive modern world have been obsessively trying to evolve. Yet we have failed to overcome depression. Albert Einstein once said, “The economic anarchy of capitalist society as it exists today is, in my opinion, the real source of evil.”

Modernization has come to define the 21st century. This downfall seems to spur from the overly strict social constrictions, us as people have come to abide by, specifically the youth. Such social constriction seems to attain from the highly competitive, threatening, and socially isolating world we live in.

Every individual seems to be on the offensive side of nature. The world is in a war against each other. The war on terrorism. A war on North Korea. A war in Palestine/Israel. A war of racism. A war of feminism. A war of islamophobia. A war in the Middle East. And the list is endless. I think we all as humans have a misconception of war. When one thinks of war, the immediate perception is most likely to be a battleground between two armed forces. Whilst, the real definition is “any active hostility or struggle between living beings; a conflict between opposing forces or principles”. The concept of a very ‘traditional’ war is ignorant to believe since the world has evolved to become westernized and not so traditional. Every individual seems to have adapted the same form of social behavior. One is constantly in a conflict with themselves, friends, and even at school.

Universities have become highly competitive. Friends have become highly competitive. Students are obsessively and blindly competing for the best grades. Women are competing for social superiority in the name of feminism. Even followers of religion have come to compete for the most respected, most followed name. Technology has come to evolve to create social platforms of competition and war. Instagram, twitter, and Facebook are all platforms where individuals dictate such obsessive tendencies. Everyone has become lonely. Geoff Lingistin argues that identities are being lost. I disagree. This is because you cannot lose what you never obtained. We have failed to truly evolve. We have failed at progressing. Because still till now every 40 seconds, one human takes their own life. Now count to 40.

By: Malak Mareey