77515_Love Gone

Gone Love

Secluded from the world
A glimpse of a shadow past
In pain or not
He will come back for her
He is her pillar, after all
He is the only reason she is untouched by reality
“Wait…” he calls out to her
But she walks away with all hope dissipating into absolution
She feels his pain, but she can not coincide
She desires his love
His passion
But he can not deliver
He can not
Do they both fathom the grievances they caused?
Do they care?
One can not live without the other
Yet they both run
No destination, no goal
They just run away
For pain is a prison where the memory of lovers secludes themselves from the world
The source of pain, tragedy, and love
The only reason we find ourselves seeking more
To come back to the memories.
They made memories
But they could not deliver

By Jana Shehab