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I have recently received my first admission letter to King’s College London! As I read “Congratulations,” my heart was racing, and I couldn’t help but scream, yell, jump, and hug my mom. In a comfortable embrace, thoughts rushed through my mind…

The way I see it is that uni is a new adventure. Life in another country. A new chapter of life. Meeting new people, having new friends, being involved in activities that I like, participating in lectures and labs that would actually feed my interest. Uni is a great opportunity, and I would be counting down the days left for my final semester of school until graduation. Oh, that moment when I will step on stage and receive the long-deserved diploma! My passport to the new life; a preface between two chapters.

It was a merry moment until more thoughts plagued my mind…

I will be thousands of miles aways from home: thousands of miles away from my mother and brother. Trying to embellish my last winter break of high school, I know I will miss it. After all, memories will be all I have as I reside in a dorm room with bitter tears and soft tissues covering my face. Will there be anyone by my side to comfort me? What if I do not fit in? Will I make friends easily or will I be my antisocial self? Will I be the loser sitting on the lunch table alone counting by the minutes for lunch break to end? Oh, these empty hours… Nostalgia and loneliness are what I fear the most.

I have mixed emotions and thoughts, as I count down the remaining 120 days of high school experience. Should I feel excitement or resent? I don’t know what the future holds…. “Xenophobia.” That’s what they call it. The fear of the unknown….

By: Youssef Beshay