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What makes Egypt a beautiful country you ask? I’ll tell you. Let me start off by saying that Egypt is a beautiful country. Egypt is a unique country that is like no other in the world. The things you find in Egypt, you’ll never find anywhere else in the world. Don’t believe me? I’ll tell you? Lets begin with the driving and the roads. You won’t find roads that lack lanes and driver who lack the concept of a lane anywhere like you do in Egypt. Furthermore, you’ll never find so many people who can’t drive even if their life depended on it, as it does when you’re on the road in Egypt, still driving on the road like they own the place.

Next, the food. The food is amazing. Egypt has everything and caters to all tastes and sizes. In Egypt, you can eat anything from cheap koshary, to McDonald’s, to the basic house for white girls known as Vapiano, to the expensive sushi places like TAO. Now I know many will disagree with me on this next one and think I am crazy, but it’s the people. Now I know the people are extremely dumb here in Egypt, but that’s what makes this country special. Yes, the fact that Egypt’s has arguably the dumbest population in the world makes it special, special needs I guess. The people are funny, whether they intent to be or not, and I am inclined to think of Egypt as a prime location for memes. Egypt is filled with memes, and it’s all because of its people. Yes, the people do not know how to drive, but that’s because they were never taught how to. Yes, the people eat whatever is put in front of them, but that’s because they are not fed. Therefore, the people make this country special, and that is why Egypt is beautiful.

By: Ibrahim Kenawy