legally blonde

Once again it’s time for the annual AIS theatre play. In recent years, we’ve seen Sweeney Todd and we’ve seen Into the Woods, and now it’s time for our AIS students to put on the performance of a lifetime by performing the classic movie, Legally Blonde. This performance will be held on Saturday 20th January and Sunday the 21st.

Before seeing the play, here is a little bit about the movie. Elle Woods has it all. She wants nothing more than to be Mrs. Warner Huntington III. But there is one thing stopping him from proposing: She is too blonde. Elle rallies all of her resources and gets into Harvard, determined to win him back. Throughout this journey, Elle has to overcome many obstacles like judgmental students and teachers to reach her goal as well as understanding her true self and finding out she is more than just the color of her hair.

As someone who has seen the movie, with the right effort and performance by the cast and crew, this can be a memorable performance. Legally Blonde has a lot of deep and dynamic characters that allow for an interesting performance. Moreover the plot of the movie is extremely interesting and succeeds in discussing the effects of stereotypes on society as well as how to overcome those stereotypes. This is something very applicable to a lot of people who have experienced judgment by others because of their looks despite their true abilities.    

On Saturday and Sunday, we can see a lot of very talented AIS students like Dana Kosber, Shady Cassis, Eva Wedig and Andrew Fahim put on an amazing performance with the help of many other cast and crew members at the AIS Panther Auditorium. Tickets are for 50 L.E, and can be bought from any theatre arts student.

By: Hassan Amer