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As high school became harder, and much of my time has been wasted procrastinating, and choosing to watch many TV series, I believe that a few hacks on studying for exams can go a long way. Using these tips and tricks, you will be able to study much more effectively in the given period of time!


  1. Make notes. Having notes only helps you remember more, and allows you to easily refer back to it when needed for later exams.
  2. Study for shorter periods of time over a longer set of days instead of cramming everything the night before. By going over a particular topic over several days, you will be able to memorize and comprehend everything you’re reviewing much more than when you study for 7 hours straight the day before. Studying for a long period of time is found to cause you to forget!
  3. Instead of simply reading, make sure to say it out loud, and explain it to someone else.
  4. Try to stay active before the exam as it was proven that this boosts memory and brain power, thus allowing you to do much better.
  5. Make sure to take breaks while studying in order to keep you focused and eager to continue.
  6. Illustrations and diagrams help map out the content of your topic, but in a less scary manner. It will be easier to refer to your diagrams, and review them before the test.
  7. Turn off your phone and any other sort of distraction when trying to focus.
  8. Be sure to  always ask for friend’s help a day in advance. If you have several questions and wait till the last minute, a problem may arise and you will not be able to answer your questions.
  9. If you’ve got the time, practice, practice and practice by going over familiar questions from past assessments! This will allow you to be more familiar with the questions, ultimately allowing you to do well on your exam.
  10. Try not to study RIGHT before the test. You will end up forgetting plenty of things, and will not do very well.


These are the most effective tips that I attempt to follow before every test or quiz! They are very helpful and simple. One main issue that I personally face is having enough time to study. Thus one final IMPORTANT tip is to try and manage your time to the best of your ability.

By: Laila Abdelrazek

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