J.P. Sartre once said, “we are our choices.” You wake up every morning with plenty of choices to make. These choices define your life. While perhaps the simplest of these choices is that of attitude, it is one of great importance. Every morning, you can either wear a smile or a frown. This is a very important choice because the rest of the day is set on that. Will it be a good day or will it be a miserable one? This is completely up to you.

Attitude is very crucial in determining the important aspect in social interactions. Whenever one asks for a favor, it is more likely for a person to comply if you demonstrate a positive attitude. After all, who would like to negotiate with an angry person?

Zig Ziglar once commented on the importance of attitude, as he quoted, “your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” No matter what you can do, a person’s attitude is the crucial determining factor in one’s success. Don’t make the lack of natural talents an excuse for not being successful.

Events in life, people might argue, do not influence positive behavior. For example, school might not be everybody’s thing. That’s understandable. However, going into school everyday and expecting it to be a bad day or choosing to focus on what makes school unpleasant will not make it any better. Rather, focus on the positives, such as getting to be with your friends while learning something new that could help you discover what you would like to do after graduating. At times, you may think, the subjects or topics we learn about are confining and leave little room for exploration. While that might be true, it also acts as a good foundation for piqued interest for a future career or simply, a hobby. That is a better way to look at it.

Think about all the successful people in life. Surely, they all experienced tough days at some point. However, they were able to persevere in life and tough days through having a positive attitude.

As Charles R. Swindoll quotes, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” This means that despite what happens to you as a result of external forces, the majority of your life is entirely under your own control. However, when you have a negative attitude, your choices of how to react to things are likely to be counterproductive. It all boils down to attitude.

By: Youssef Beshay

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