Time to Go

I’ll step into an ocean

A grand resounding sound of an everlasting whisper

Hovers with the wind

Floats into space

And I’m still stepping into the ocean

The salt burning my wounds

A feeling of complete harmony engulfs me

The pain is there

but no longer there are my worries

One emotion remains…


Desire to slip into infinity

Becoming one with the ticking minutes



A few seconds more

One second

Half a second

The countdown ends

It’s time

It’s time for the long awaited sound

The line straightens out

The lights turn off

The sound of laughter echoes


The sound of their tears

No longer a worry

That is how I arrived to my ocean

I step once more

Already halfway in

The perfect temperature

The perfect view

The perfect solitude

I look up

Close my eyes

And swallow a huge gulp of rain drops

Their tears are filling my world

The water rises

The winds halt

My eyes open

Staring straight ahead

With a smile

I sink,

I tell myself it’s okay.

It’s okay,

Time heals all wounds.

But for now,

It’s time to go.

By: Jana Shehab

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