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A Bit About the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics

With the 2016 Summer Olympics approaching, countries all around the world are desperately trying to qualify for different Olympic events. Egypt, home of the Panther Express, is lucky enough to have already qualified for a couple of events. Three Egyptian taekwondo players have qualified for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro. They are Seham El Sawalha,..

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UCI Track Cycling World Champions

The Cycling World Championships is a set of different world championship events in track cycling. The Union Cyclist Internationale regulates them, which is the reason they are sometimes called the UCI Track Cycling World Championships, but before the 1900s, they were regulated by the ICA – International Cycling Association. The championships first took place in..

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Is Global Warming Real?

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October 31 | By Fisson Tibbo “Global Warming isn’t prediction. It is happening.” –James Hansen  If someone says, “It wasn’t this hot three years ago” we automatically think global warming. Do we just say it out of habit or do we actually know what it means? According to various definitions, global warming is the gradual..

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On Freedom of Expression and Disrespect


​It has come to my attention that, despite all the prattle regarding freedom of speech and open-mindedness, even those with the most authority among us have no idea what either word means. Given the emphasis put on these terms, one would assume that they would be defined and made unambiguous – this is quite blatantly..

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Aid Giza Zoo’s Pie-In-The-Face Raffle

Last Wednesday, May 20th, a Pie-In-The-Face Raffle was held in order to support the Aid Giza Zoo movement. The event involved eight teachers including: Mr. Jeffery Fetters, Mr. Michael Glavanis, Mrs. Kim Hurst, Ms. Melissa Sheaffer, Ms. Freda Frey, Mr. Steve Spannring, Mr. Kain Klinkhammer, and Mrs. Genevieve Morehouse. Students could get a chance to..

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The Nepal trip this year was amazing and blew me away. Although the trip only had 7 students, it was much more than we all expected. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is a diverse and beautiful city. The Nepalese people were all very welcoming and helped us whenever they could. On our trip, the first..

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Week Without Walls Trips


By; Youssef Hanna From the 21st of February until the 28th of February of 2015, AISE students had the time of their lives on several Week Without Walls trips. Below are all of those trips, click on the picture shown to go to a short summary of the trips and the experiences students shared over..

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Week Without Walls: Italy


Besides it’s extravagant and exquisite cuisine, Italy has some other distinguishable landmarks and places where one can’t control themselves once they have witnessed them. During the Italy trip, we visited numerous famous galleries like the Uffizi Gallery, Academia, and more. We also visited famous landmarks like the Colosseum, The Vatican, numerous Churches, and many more…

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Week Without Walls: Aswan

Aswan Week Without Walls 2015 by Sara Elmessiry ​Every February, schools around the world take part in offering their students a chance to see the world. Week Without Walls allows students to attain global awareness and experience other cultures through a fresh and memorable lens. This year, groups of AISE students traveled to Nepal, Switzerland,..

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Week Without Walls: Holland & Belgium Trip


For the second year in a row, AISE has hosted its annual Week Without Walls trips. This year saw the addition of a plethora of exhilarating destinations all around the globe. These included, but were not limited to: Nepal, Malaysia, Germany, Poland, as well as Holland and Belgium. Moreover, domestic trips around Egypt were also..

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