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Why is Smoking Harmful?


Statistics show that about 400,000 people die per year because of smoking. Smoking causes many damages to a person and to the environment in many different ways. The following are some points that will demonstrate how smoking can harm a person. Smoking leads to cancer: Smoking leads to cancer of the nose, mouth, larynx (voice..

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Exordium to Society


As we look around ourselves, what do we see? Our friends chatting, laughing, getting caught up with the latest Hollywood trends, deciding which pictures to post on Instagram, and so on so forth. It has come to my attention, for a while now actually, how society nowadays has this deceptive façade that seems to be..

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Maybe not today or tomorrow, maybe not any time soon, but there will come a morning, where you see the sun shining, brightly just for you, you will look at people, and no longer think of them as, humans, but as poetry, you will no longer find sleep, an escape, but a planting ground, for..

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Which Is Better?


Which one are you: oldest, youngest or in the middle? Some people say that being the oldest is worst. Others say being the youngest is worst. I personally thought being the middle child was worst, but now I see that they all have their own flaws. Being the oldest child is a pain. Your parents..

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5 Famous YouTubers


Did you know that YouTube is the third most visited site on the internet? And for good reason. It is home to the most entertaining people ON THE PLANET! Some of them are rich because of YouTube. Some of them are famous worldwide! So, let me take you through a list of 5 Famous YouTubers..

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Sleep Disorders


Sleep: “A condition of body and mind such as that which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is relatively inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended.” – New Oxford American Dictionary We, as humans, acquire our energy primarily through sleep. Why do we need..

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AIS Talent Show 2016


On Wednesday, January 20th of 2016, the AIS high school had its annual talent show. There were singers, dancers, musicians, poets, and above all our seniors definitely put on quite a show with their Senior Act. Amazing performances were done by our singers, H Francis, Farida Hamza and Dana Kosber Mariam Ibrahim, Naglaa El Banhawy,..

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Why You Should Be Listening to Florence & the Machine’s New Album


If you haven’t already listened to the indie rock magic that is Florence Welch’s new album, then you most definitely should. Even if you aren’t into indie rock, you should still listen to this album. How Big How Blue How Beautiful is nothing short of Florence + the Machine’s impeccable reputation. I cannot say that..

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One of Life’s Vexing Ordeals: Stress


Stress: A common yet vexing nemesis or enemy to living matter. What exactly is stress though? Stress, according to the dictionary, is “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.” Stress is somewhat similar to or linked to depression and anxiety. With finals coming up at AIS and..

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March Madness


“So far, March Madness had been fun and exciting.” Anonymous March Madness is a month full of activities. Each Thursday has a different schedule for four weeks. We have all five periods before lunch, and all are 55mins. After lunch is when we have all the activities. There is soccer, basketball, volleyball and video games.The..

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Top 5 Songs That Should Be in Everyone’s Playlist


1.Nirvana – Sam Smith – The music, the words, the artist, everything about this song is perfect. Every single aspect of this song makes it so unique and enjoyable. The backing music and choir complements the melody so well. The instrumental itself has a very powerful effect with its drumming, electric guitar and orchestra…

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10 Facts You Never Knew

The words Did You Know in three dimensions

No one in the world knows everything. And I’m here to prove it! I am here to present you with facts so bizarre, so unbelievable, so inexplicably weird that…I don’t know! Your head will explode or something. So, without further ado, I present to you:                                                          10 Facts You Never Knew NUMBER 1 It Was Raining..

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Thoughts on Identity and Self-Creation


We have created ourselves in an effort to be seen It has been said that beautiful souls have been lost to lost causes Yet you are here, a beautiful soul, that has created herself in an effort to be seen Confused, conflicted and paradoxical And you are here and you are creating yourself in an..

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Elements of Life


The world we live in, “Earth”, can probably be described and explained through many various, crazy and scary ways. Our world contains of more than seven billion people, divided into seven continents (well six, excluding Antarctica), 196 countries, and separated by five oceans and seven seas. Different races, religions, beliefs, cultures and essentially, different people..

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“It” Poem

It Ding Ding… I hear it everyday Every hour Every minute Every second of my life from it. It is bringing drums in my head Blinding me Breaking my fingers and destroying the person in me. Grandma calls What are you doing, I am holding it I answer and then she dies, Mama screams Leave..

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Aid Giza Zoo’s Pie-In-The-Face Raffle

Last Wednesday, May 20th, a Pie-In-The-Face Raffle was held in order to support the Aid Giza Zoo movement. The event involved eight teachers including: Mr. Jeffery Fetters, Mr. Michael Glavanis, Mrs. Kim Hurst, Ms. Melissa Sheaffer, Ms. Freda Frey, Mr. Steve Spannring, Mr. Kain Klinkhammer, and Mrs. Genevieve Morehouse. Students could get a chance to..

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Open-mindedness, What is it really?


Societies have become amalgamations of miscellaneous ideas and beliefs; thanks to the multifarious advances of science, people have become more willing to discuss topics that had once been taboo. And after coming so far, the scientific community stands now before the greatest of all red-lines: religion. Religion has long vexed science with its appeals to..

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