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Valentine’s Day:Why you should spend it alone


Ok, so Valentine’s Day is here and of course all the single people feel a bit excluded but don’t worry, this girl has a solution for you. Alright, so Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day where one shows their love for the people they love and thankfully, since you’re single, you can spend..

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The Constant Gardener

Movie Poster

The movie the constant Gardener discusses a big issue that deals with human experimentation without any prier experimentation on animals. The big pharmaceutical companies are using humans as gene pigs. The achieve that by forcing or twisting peoples hands into becoming part of their experimentation by giving free medicine to people who agree. People who..

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We Heart It- an outlet for intellectual bonding?

  For years now teens and adults alike have been flooded with new social media outlets. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all renowned forms of creative communication. We Heart It, a new medium doesn’t differ in that aspect. It is a image-exclusive medium that allows users to share pictures and art of scenes they “heart.” Personally,..

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The #100happydays Challenge.

Can you possibly be happy for a 100 days in a row?

  What are you going to complain about today? Or what did you already complain about? Your stomach hurts, you didn’t do your homework, you’re gaining weight, and you failed your history tests. But what’s going to happen when you complain? Nothing will change no matter how much you “complain” about it. I can guarantee..

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What’s really the difference between dieting and eating healthy?


  So lately everyone has been really into either dieting, or eating healthy. Yet we still can’t see the difference. For example, If you’re sitting somewhere with your friends and your friend orders a salad, the first thing you or someone else will say is probably “are you on a diet?” and if I was..

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