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“Afraid from the Perils that Surround her”


“Afraid from the Perils that Surround her” She’s alone in this compact shell for years, Terrified to appear and scared to speak, Just sitting there thinking about those fears, She’s abandoned, a clue for being weak.   Trapped in this locked cave, cant see any light, Striving to see outside those locked portals, BAM! Help..

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10 Reasons To Love Your Solitude

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10 Reasons to love your solitude: “Our bodies deserve to be more than war-torn and collateral, offering this f***dom as a pathetic means to say… I only know how to exist when I am wanted”   This is an excerpt from “Body Love,” spokenpoetry, by Mary Lambert. This poem stimulated a clutter of thoughts in..

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Easter Holiday


Easter is one of many religious holidays celebrated all around the world. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and as well fertility. This holiday is also referred to as a “movable feast”, since there isn’t a fixed date for when it is celebrated. However, it falls between specific ranges of time. The Western celebrates..

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Female Genital Mutilation


 One of the main controversial topics is whether female genital mutilation is considered a cultural practice or, would it be considered one of the human rights violations. Female genital mutilation is mostly dominant and popular in Africa, especially in Sub- Saharan Africa. The population of women who are circumcised in Africa lies between eighty million..

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A Humanitarian Disease

Many have already heard of or studied the Tobacco Mosaic Disease and have thus been informed of its brutal and gruesome effects on valuable crops. This infection dates back to the 18th century when Adolf Mayer reported that this virus is transferred amidst plants, in correspondence to bacteria. According to later-confirmed studies, this virus originates..

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Divergent   “Divergent” written by Veronica Roth is a fascinating fiction book that shows the reader an insight of the world around us. “Divergent” ensures that the readers are aware of the power of the government over the citizens. Furthermore, it embarks on a futuristic and dystopian Chicago where the society is divided into five..

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