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Yes to the Egyptian Constitution


Now that the constitution has been approved the Panther Express asked two AIS students to highlight some of the articles that they liked and disliked from the Egyptian constitution: Since the 2011 revolution, Egypt has been going through a lot of hard circumstances. The revolution definitely improved the country and made a huge change that..

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 Trying to describe what music is is like trying to explain what color is; you just can’t. Yes you can say certain songs give you a specific feeling but you will never be able to explain that feeling. For some people music is just a form of entertainment on a long bus ride or in..

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Confidence is the key to success. Confidence is why some of us are more successful than others. The idea you have of yourself is what determines the events in your life. The more confident you are, the more untouchable and respectable you become. The less confident you are, the more vulnerable you become to judgment…

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Promise Me


Son, promise me that one day you will be the person you’ve always wanted to be!” “I promise” “Promise that you’ll take care of your father!” “I Promise” “Promise that you’ll visit your grandpa every Friday!” “I promise” “Promise me that you’ll be true to yourself and the world!” “I promise” “Promise you’ll be the..

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The Pressure Inflicted on Teenagers


School. Probably the main source of pressure towards teenagers. “You’re only a teenager, you don’t know what you want, you’re not responsible enough yet – but here’s a bunch of exams that will decide your future and where you go with life.”  Now read that again and think of how corrupt and hypocritical that is,..

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Introduction to “Flames”


Humans. Are they always this negative? My uncle’s always had a knack for learning about them and the odd things they do. He insists on watching a daily screening of lies and depression humans have chosen to represent current life on this beautiful planet. They call it “The News”. Apparently, humans know they’re being fooled..

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