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War and Peace

Peace… what is peace?! Have you ever read a novel before, consisting of no conflict or climax? This probably not true, because authors only write novels that would sell, and make them money. Well, why wouldn’t those novels make money? The truth is that people want suspense. Readers want something that arouses their emotions. They want..

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“On Books” by a Bibliophile


I am often lost… Often lost – and happily so, might I add –  in a world of books. Rather, a world of words. Written words.   “What’s so appealing about it?” “It’s too much.” “It’s boring.” “It requires too much thought.” Well, here it is;  This is why it’s so appealing:   I don’t know…..

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Kendrick Lamar’s latest hit has failed to disappoint fans, as the urban legend knocks another song out of the park. (or as King Kendrick puts it “his left stroke just went viral.”) Before I get into this article, I recommend readers watch and listen to his new song “Humble.” ( What makes this new song..

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How Wise Is It to Spend Large Sums of Money on Space Explorations?


Through the course of years, men have spent huge sums of money on space explorations. This has raised much debate whether these sums are justifiable. Some people think scientists should stop exploring in space and focus more on improving life on earth, while others believe scientist should continue investigating outer space. In this context, space..

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