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The Pressure Inflicted on Teenagers


School. Probably the main source of pressure towards teenagers. “You’re only a teenager, you don’t know what you want, you’re not responsible enough yet – but here’s a bunch of exams that will decide your future and where you go with life.”  Now read that again and think of how corrupt and hypocritical that is,..

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Thanksgiving: A History


The mentioning of the holiday ‘Thanksgiving’ can invoke multiple images of merriment, family get-togethers, and delightful dishes. It’s a day in which citizens of the United States can abandon their woes and worries, and enjoy a festive day with their friends and loved ones. For American citizens residing in Egypt, Thanksgiving maintains its status as..

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Espying Epilepsy


“A very small portion of the population has a condition which may cause them to experience epileptic seizures or have momentary loss of consciousness when viewing certain kinds of flashing lights or patterns that are commonly present in our daily environment. These persons may experience seizures while watching some kinds of television pictures or playing..

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Introduction to “Flames”


Humans. Are they always this negative? My uncle’s always had a knack for learning about them and the odd things they do. He insists on watching a daily screening of lies and depression humans have chosen to represent current life on this beautiful planet. They call it “The News”. Apparently, humans know they’re being fooled..

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Will Never Know


It’s weird how now I know just as little About you as I knew before Nothing has changed This is unfortunate though All I hear is talk about you They say you’re depressed, depressing I don’t know why but I find that offensive That every time death is mentioned Every time, they look at you..

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Words She can hear them clearly  Piercing through her ear drums, making their way to her heart “You do not belong” the words preach “You must conform” the words imply  Her tears begin to blind her Words She can hear them clearly Escaping from the dirty mouths of the ignorant Flooding her mind with thoughts..

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The Bermuda Triangle: Fact or Fiction?


It was a misty winter morning in December of 1779 when Thomas Lynch Jr. and his wife were reported missing while sailing to the West Indies. This mysterious disappearance is the first among many in the mysterious phenomenon surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle, which has also been dubbed as The Devil’s Triangle, is..

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